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Horsepower Mania Silkscreen donated to Catawiki

Silkscreen, limited edition of 90, numbered and signed, 90 years DUTCH TT

The painting Horsepower Mania by toyist Dejo is a tribute to 90 years of the Dutch TT. Colourful, figurative and narrative, characteristically of the toyism art movement. Piet van Wijngaarden, Wil Hartog, Piet Knijnenburg, Jack Middelburg, Kevin Schwantz, Giacomo Agostini, Marc Marquez, Valentino Rossi and Streuer & Schnieders are recognizable by their numbers. The Geert Timmer corner is present and the cyclist is a reference to the Tour the Bike.


A unique series of silkscreens in a limited edition of 90 copies is now released to the occasion of 90 years of Dutch TT. Number 30 was personally received by TT legend “the white giant” Wil Hartog. Number 90 will be donated to the future Dutch TT Museum and shall be handed over to “Mister TT” Jaap Timmer.
The returns of silkscreen number 16 in this auction will go to the future Dutch TT Museum.

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• Title: Horsepower Mania
• Artist: Dejo
• Technique: Silkscreen
• Material: paper (400 gr.)
• Image size: 34 x 60 cm
• Paper Size: 64 x 90 cm
• Ink Layers: 13
Limited Edition: 90
The silkscreen is securely packaged and includes a certificate of authenticity.

Toyism in Portugal

During the months July and August Toyism Art Movement will exhibit several paintings and a sculpture at ART-MAP exhibition in the beautiful historical city of Ponte de Lima in Portugal.


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