Hotel Dreams for Breakfast - Reveal 3 - Toyism Art Movement

Dreams for Breakfast – look behind the scenes

Five years ago Hotel Ten Cate was transformed from a dull buidling into the colorful eyecatcher it still is today!

The project was filmed by students from the Stenden Hogeschool, but was never showed to the public. Today the footage is revealed! A first look behind the scenes: Movie –> Dreams for Breakfast

In april 2012 the toyists started with the painting of the outside of Hotel Ten Cate. During five weeks the hotel was hiding behind a huge scaffolding with canvases, on which the names of the sponsors were mentioned. In total 55 companies from Emmen have contributed to the project “Dreams for Breakfast”.

13 Toyists have expressed their creativity from early morning until late at night on the 600 m2 facade of the building, so that on May 16, the canvasses were dropped, under the leadership of beautiful music of DJ Steff da Campo. With a final result the first Toyism hotel in the world!

The project “Dreams for Breakfast” tells about sleeping and eating, but also about the imminent new Zoo Emmen and the old village Noordbarge. So there are multiple themes incorporated in the building. Also now one room is ready, the “Dance of Love”, a super romantic room which is fully painted, including ceiling and doors!

The Bullsh*t Artist – Say what?

Have you always wanted to talk about art? But you lack the necessary knowledge?

It’s not what you know. It’s what they think you know. Here’s a book that can help you out! It even says something about toyism!