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Grand Carnaval – The Photos!

The Grand Carnaval – toyism art movement – 25th anniversary On september 2nd, 2017 toyism celebrated the 25th anniversary of the art movement! The painting Grand Carnaval and the sculpture The Flying Dutchman were revealed. As were the MindGames! On top of that, toyism revealed their own beer! A white ale called “Wedergeboorte” (Rebirth) and an IPA […]

Dreams for Breakfast – look behind the scenes

Five years ago Hotel Ten Cate was transformed from a dull buidling into the colorful eyecatcher it still is today! The project was filmed by students from the Stenden Hogeschool, but was never showed to the public. Today the footage is revealed! A first look behind the scenes: Movie –> Dreams for Breakfast In april 2012 the […]

The Bullsh*t Artist – Say what?

Have you always wanted to talk about art? But you lack the necessary knowledge? It’s not what you know. It’s what they think you know. Here’s a book that can help you out! It even says something about toyism!

Toyisme in kindertaal

Toyisme in kindertaal Gisteren kregen wij een berichtje van Kai: “We hebben een vraagje. Op school zijn wij met een project bezig en we moeten presenteren we vinden het lastig om informatie te vinden in kindertaal dus willen wij vragen of u informatie wil doorsturen in kindertaal over de Geschiedenis en Kenmerken van Toyisme.” Wat […]

Art History 101

Art History 101 Why is Vermeer’s “Girl with the Pearl Earring” considered a masterpiece? What’s so special about Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man? How did Michelangelo’s statue of David become an icon? Watch these clips and get your answers!  

The value of creativity

The value of creativity As an art movement creativity is one of our main traits. Without it, nothing new will ever be created, thus no art. For us art is the air we breath, therefore creativity is of prime importance. But what is the place of creativity in our society? How is it valued? Does education kill creativity? Watch […]

Rodin’s muses

When your mother’s a muse Like toyism, Rodin also had a muse. Several in fact. Curious who inspired the great sculptor? Read about them here: Rodin’s muses By the way, have you visited the Rodin: genius at work exhibition at our neighbours the Groninger Museum yet?

Crowdfunding Filmproject geslaagd!

Hurray! 100% successful! Crowdfunding for the toyism film project is a succes! Within 30 days the Mediastiek students got enough donations. Congratulations! Hoera! 100% succesvol! De crowdfunding voor het toyisme filmproject is geslaagd! Binnen 30 dagen wisten de Mediastiek studenten genoeg donaties binnen te krijgen. Gefeliciteerd! https://www.voordekunst.nl/projecten/5047-searching-for-the-white-mask-1

Onthulling Toyisme kunstwerk Assen

Vrijdag 16 december wordt het laatste kunstwerk, van in totaal 6 beelden, door gedeputeerde Cees Bijl en wethouder Ruud Wiersema in Assen onthuld. U bent welkom om te komen kijken bij de onthulling! Plaats: Abel Tasmanplein Tijd: 17:00 uur