It is 25 years ago that the toyism art movement was founded! A perfect opportunity for the toyist to celebrate in a Grand Carnival. A painting, a sculpture, the Mind Games were made and a restrospective exhibition was held in the former Royal Flight School.


    Toyism continues to spread like an oil stain. Toyism takes over! No one can miss this special simultaneous exhibition on 25 locations! A special anniversary exhibition divided over beautiful and diverse locations in the city of Groningen and the province. Ranging from museums to galeries and historical locations to cafés. An anniversary party deserves a special toast. Therefore a special beer was made by the toyists. The toyism beer IPA! Cheers!







Grand Carnival & Toyism Takes Over


On the 5th of September 2017 toyism art movement celebrated it’s 25 anniversary. Thus toyism is one of the longest running art movements ever! For this reason the toyists could not let this historical event pass by without memorializing their creative birth of 25 years ago. Therefore a great jubilee was organised. The former Royal Flight School (RLS1957) in Eelde (Netherlands) was the stage for a new toyism project. A painting was made, showing the brotherhood of the toyists together with “Mother” (name of the manifesto) celebrating their anniversary. Furthermore a sculpture was made and painted with the name “The Flying Dutchman”, which was to remain on permanent display in the RLS1957. Together with art lovers, friends and family the toyists held a Grand Carnival! Masks on for everyone!

Moreover toyism organised a simultaneous exhibition on 25 locations in the city of Groningen and in the province. Like an oil stain toyism spread, one location for every year the art movement has existed. Ranging from museums to galleries and historical buildings to cafés, the special exhibition had a great diversity of locations making it possible for every art lover to see and enjoy toyism art.

A team from the Romanian TV channel Digi 24 was present to make a documentary about toyism. Watch it here in English and Romanian:

Credits Diana Popescu & Dan Ene