Have you ever wanted to see a real toyism project up close? Now is your chance! Explore the less familiar, unexpected and surprising parts of each project; the toyism-guides know all the interesting and fun facts. A toyism guided tour is the best way to learn everything there is to now about the toyism projects.

Toyism guided tours – The Dot

The Dot is the biggest toyism project to date and one of the biggest artworks in The Netherlands. The former gas globe was transformed into a giant artwork in 2010. Four elements form the basis of the design, the four energy sources being solar energy, wind energy, water energy and fossil fuels. The Dot is now open for guided tours.

How big is The Dot really? How long did it take for the toyists to finish the project? Do the non-Dutch toyists like eierballen (egg balls)? And most importantly, do you have what it takes to climb all the way to the top of The Dot?

Toyism guided tours – Dreams for Breakfast

Dreams for Breakfast is the second major project of the toyists. The huge facade of the hotel was painted in several themes concerning hotels, the zoo and the nearby village of Noordbarge. Besides the facade, the toyists also created art rooms inside the hotel. Dreams for Breakfast is a real toyism art hotel!

What is the Dance of Love? Does the sleeping beauty wear a chicken on her head? And how many dots are included into the artwork?

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