There are several myths about cranes. In Chinese mythology cranes are generally symbolically connected with the idea of immortality. In Japan, the crane is considered auspicious. These Chinese cranes are on a culture trip and are visiting  several European countries to soak up the culture and learn more about them. After a long journey they arrive in the Netherlands where they are surrounded by beautifuly colored  tulips. They continue flying towards France, because they also need to eat and the delicious smell of croissants makes their mouths water. After their lovely breakfast they go to the neighbouring country Spain, where they witness a bullfight in the Picasso Museum in Madrid. They quickly continue their journey to the cold north, Iceland, where they meet on an island with the puffins. To be back in time on the mainland, they fly over England and the Big Ben in Londen towards Copenhagen in Denmark. Here they admire the little mermaid (they had already seen this beautiful sculpture at the world exhibit in Shanghai in 2010). They fly on to Italy to listen to guitar music in a gondola and look at the nudes of artist Amadeo Modigliani from up close. And as if they haven’t seen enough culture they fly to Romania to soak up the geomatrical and organical shapes of Constantin Brancusi. It is well known that the Chinese cranes travel through Europe at top speed and look at the hundreds of photo’s that they have taken when they are home again. Satisfied and with a full USB-stick, the cranes return home to China.

Product Details
  • Title: At Top Speed Through Europe
  • Artists: Dejo
  • Year: 2019
  • Technique: Acrylic
  • Material: Canvas
  • Size: 140 x 200 cm
  • Price and availability: mail us at

Toyism Paintings

Toyism paintings are nothing if not bizarre but recognizable imageries drawn from reality, the surreal, and fantasy. The intense play of lines, shapes, dots and colors is intended to help open the viewer’s mind. And to critical thinking about the human condition in the present day world. Toyism is figurative, contemporary and based on a story. These stories can cover all kinds of subjects. From happy to critical or serious subjects. Toyism paintings are very labour intensive. Every painting consist of several layers of paint. Making the colours bright and vibrant and able to withstand the test of time.

Paintings are created by a mixed group of professional artists from around the world. Also with diverse cultural backgrounds and working in various disciplines. Yet all artists have a like-minded view of how to experience this art and inspire each other. No matter their own backgrounds or beliefs, everyone can express themselves in this style without losing their own value or feeling. Therefore every toyist can influence and enrich the style. Hence toyists tell their own story and depict it.

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  1. LJ

    I love this painting! Great design and the story is adorable ?

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