The cities are empty. Behind the windows of the buildings, in and around the cities, we see people locked in their homes. They silently look outside, as a metaphor for boredom, at the animals in the streets that take over their lives. Animals that we don’t normally see in cities. These animals all enjoy themselves and play together, feel free and happy, and take over the role of humans. For example, we see a fox drinking coffee, a tapir mother who has gone shopping with her child. Further on, two pandas enjoying a hot pot, or a panda family taking a selfie. But it can get even crazier; two bears having a beer on the terrace.
The Portuguese cock crow’s alarm. Corona is going all over the world. The violin player drops his violin, after all, the theaters are closed. We are not allowed to travel and cannot go to Pisa in Italy, not to the Eiffel Tower in Paris or to the temples in Greece. Now some monkeys are in here. We see the Dutch windmill that wants to flee our country in clogs. To the right of this the globe with Africa and Europe, pasted the well-known logo of corona. The corona virus is everywhere. We see the bat from Wuhan behind it and grabs the whole world together with its wings. One of her wings is grabbed by a witch. She is a metaphor for all conspiracy theorists. In the right corner we see death, which is also inextricably linked to this pandemic.
Below that twice the Latin X; 10 + 10 plus 1 = the year 2020 and 2021. We are locked (metaphor for curfew), but of course we don’t want that. We don’t want to lose our freedom and that can be seen from the wings on either side of the castle. At the top left of the painting, we see another lock with wings. Among them is an Australian farmer trying to catch a mother kangaroo with young in her pouch.
Eventually we will go on a trip again and we can see that in two flying figures above the Pisa tower. With the owl next to it, which means as much as; wake up, we just had a bad dream.

Product Details

• Title: Carnival of the Animals
• Artist: Toyists
• Technique: Piëzo Graphic (Giclée)
• Material: Hahnemuehle German etching paper (300 gm)
• Image Size: 44 x 23 cm
• Limited Edition: 30 (numbered and signed)
• Price: On request



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