Fear of Ants – The Drift of the Dandelion Dancer by Qooimee. Contact us for more information at info@toyism.com

You can probably see it in my face, but I get crazy like a bowl of fruit when I see ants. They crawl around in my nightmares and strike fear into me. It seems like it is my destiny to flee from them and let my mind scatter like the aerial dance of the dandelion fluff, drifting peacefully around; and planting positive dreams like a world with elephants whose legs reach the clouds carrying the castles in the sky.
As the big copper bell rings every hour the vibrations fill the air like music making their artpiece on the canvas of silence, making the flowers dance their dance of destiny, throwing their seeds in a drifter’s dance through the air. The vibrations also send a message to the ants, if the seed does the right dance, if it becomes fruitful, dinner is served!

Product Details

• Title: Fear of Ants – The Drift of the Dandelion Dancer
• Artist: Qooimee
• Year: 2022
• Technique: Acrylic
• Material: Canvas
• Size: 100 x 100 cm
• Price and availability: mail us at info@toyism.com


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