Following your feelings and using your senses is a good guideline, but it is not always easy to keep these two in balance. When mentally accessing everything, life gradually loses all colour. Feelings that are tucked away however, always take their toll. In the best case this leads to a – often painful – breakthrough in which the feelings are given space. In this painting, feelings are depicted as birds with warm colours, the flowing (analog) shapes and the unfocused movements.
The mind – that caused a colourless life – is depicted by the cold shades of grey, the body language of the penguins. And the steps that stand for the limited (digital) abilities of the mind.

Product Details

• Title: Rebirth
• Artist: Jafr
• Technique: Piëzo Graphic (Giclée)
• Material: Hahnemuehle German etching paper (300 gm)
• Image Size: 30 x 30 cm
• Limited Edition: 15 (numbered & signed)
• Price: € 350,00


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