Inspired by Sandro Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus”. The god of spring breeze blew up Venus in the lotus, and his wife, the goddess of flowers, sowed daisies beside him, symbolising a pure maiden. The goddess of the four seasons prepared a cloak full of flowers for her. Venus was reborn in the blooming lotus. She was no longer a traditional Caucasian woman and she had brown skin and blond hair. Now she symbolizes women of any race. She stretches out naturally. It’s like saying that I am a beautiful being, not because of skin colour or identity, but because of beauty itself. She raised her arms and lifted her long hair as if to dance to celebrate her new life. The gods gave Venus’s life, and Toyism gave Venus’s freedom. “We should consider every day on which we have not danced at least once to be lost”. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Product Details

• Title: The Birth of a Modern Venus
• Artist: Clamaoing & Dejo
• Technique: Silkscreen
• Material: Conservabarth 400 gr/m paper
• Image Size: 40 x 26 cm
• Ink Layers: 24
• Limited Edition: 100 (numbered & signed)
• Special Price: On request (including: Limited Edition Book Mother’s Finest)


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