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As the wind blows the red curtains aside, the last light of the sun shines through the window into the room. This way we get a look at what is happening here, love is celebrated inside! Conducted by his wife, the lute player plays himself and produces a cheerful tune. The dog and the cat are captivated by the rhythm and cannot sit still and dance to the sounds of the music. In the corner, the pigeon and the koi secretly merge into one creature in their dance, it is still unclear whether they are just fishing or going all the way. The black swan looks curiously inside and wonders what he stands for; is he the bearer of the last salute to close the day? Has the time of dreams and mysticism come? This party is far from over. Inspired by Hendrik Martensz Sorgh & Joan Miró.

Product Details

• Title: The Lute Dansers
• Artist: Kixoz
• Year: 2022
• Technique: Acrylic
• Material: Canvas
• Size: 100 x 100 cm
• Price and availability: mail us at



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