Through the Eye of the Insect Cat by Roq. Contact us for more information at

The insects are confused, because they no longer see the difference between the things with which man destroys, nature and what is still natural.
Is the Stealth Bomber a big bird? Is there a bullet-bee flying there? Only the butterfly looks familiar. The spectacle takes place on top of the eye of an insect that can no longer perceive whether it is flying above the ground or under the ceiling; illusions are everywhere.
One of the masterpieces created by M.C. Escher is “Metamorphose” where creatures disappear into spaces where other creatures appear. Find out through which eye segments the Stealth Bomber, the bullet-bee and the butterfly transform.

Product Details

• Title: Through the Eye of the Insect
• Artist: Roq
• Year: 2022
• Technique: Acrylic
• Material: Canvas
• Size: 100 x 100 cm
• Price and availability: mail us at


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