The famous Mekong River is one of the most important rivers in Asia. With a length of 4909 kilometers, it crosses many countries in Asia. The Mekong runs via the border between Myanmar and Laos to Thailand back to Laos and then flows via Cambodia to Vietnam. This monster has special scenes. We see the boat from the floating market emerge and disappear into some palm trees. Behind it one of the famous temples from Laos, the Stupa. With behind them the Buddhist Temples in Bagan swaying with the wind. We see a photographer taking a beautiful shot of the Longneck Tribes in Thailand. They dance on the shrimps of a Vietnamese spring roll. The different cultures in Asia also provide the most delicious dishes. We see dumplings consisting of pieces of boiled dough, often wrapped around a filling. In addition, a large pineapple filled with sticky rice, all kinds of vegetables and large shrimps.

We see the Viking ship, depicted as a large shrimp, in Reykjavik, by Jon Gunnar Árnason. It means the Sun Navigator and the boat is an ode to the sun. But the sun is now hard to find, it is hiding behind the beautiful colored Northern Lights. We also see a stray puffin looming over the Mekong, assisted by many cranes. Is this a sign? On the photographer’s backpack we see the famous tram from Lisbon in Portugal. The trail of memories is behind us, but the journey continues.

Product Details 

  • Title: Trail of Memories
  • Artists: Dejo & Clamaoing
  • Year: 2023
  • Technique: Acrylic
  • Material: Canvas
  • Size: 100 x 150 cm
  • Commissioned – not available

Toyism Paintings 

Toyism paintings are nothing if not bizarre but recognizable imageries drawn from reality, the surreal, and fantasy. The intense play of lines, shapes, dots and colors is intended to help open the viewer’s mind. And to critical thinking about the human condition in the present day world. Toyism is figurative, contemporary and based on a story. These stories can cover all kinds of subjects. From happy to critical or serious subjects. Toyism paintings are very labour intensive. Every painting consist of several layers of paint. Making the colours bright and vibrant and able to withstand the test of time.

Paintings are created by a mixed group of professional artists from around the world. Also with diverse cultural backgrounds and working in various disciplines. Yet all artists have a like-minded view of how to experience this art and inspire each other. No matter their own backgrounds or beliefs, everyone can express themselves in this style without losing their own value or feeling. Therefore every toyist can influence and enrich the style. Hence toyists tell their own story and depict it.

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