Flower Frogs and Lady Bugs

Flower Frogs - Mural Hribso - Toyism Art Movement

Dialysis Centre

Commissioned by Scheper Hospital, Dialysis Centre.

In the green factory of life ladybugs doctors and ladybugs nurses are taking care of patients flower-frogs. Blue and violet ladybugs are flying above ground with large stethoscopes. A large Kolff machine is busy trying to exchange a liquid dissolved in water. The machine is a bit sleepy; he has much work to do because of the large number of flower frogs. Fortunately, a large whale and dolphin assist him distribute the water. The green substance is converted in red one and you can feel the rhythm of life circulating dot by dot. Free cells are flying above a large kidney.

The patients (flower-frogs) are happy because the staff (dark-red ladybugs) takes good care of them. When they suffer they are green and blue, but then after treatment change the flower frogs change in bright colors, such as pink/red flowers and they are ready to go home. The image is painted on a large wall in the dialysis Center in Emmen.


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