Sheep Yoga

Sheep Yoga
Mural painting hotelroom Brinkhotel, Zuidlaren, Netherlands

For centuries sheep have grazed on the greens in the village of Zuidlaren. There they kept the grass neatly trimmed on one of the seven village greens for the horse fair, which was held once a year.
People from all over Europe gathered there to trade in horses. Nowadays you rarely see a sheep in the village. The sheep have been given another task. Now they protect the heath in the nature reserves so that many people can still enjoy them every year. But some of them are looking for a different and healthier life and have escaped the grazing herd. To give their lives more value, they have found a way to be happy, to stay in balance and to shut out the daily noise. It is about more unity of mind and body. Animals appear from every nook and cranny, curious and above all surprised at what kind of spectacle they are now seeing. If you are really lucky, you might be able to see this special spectacle: these sheep practice yoga!

Brinkhotel – Hotelroom 226 – Sheep Yoga
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